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Diablo 3 Announced and Why Blizzard Blows

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So, a couple days ago Blizzard (known for such games as Starcraft and the epically successful World of Warcraft) has decided to go ahead and announce a new Diablo game. This has gotten the attention of everyone who has ever played the Diablo games and the ratings on Game have been getting 9.0+/10. The fact is Blizzard makes successful games, but the reason why they are successful is because they bring all these franchises back over the years, and give the loyal followers more of the same. Innovation is non existent from this company. Starcraft 2: more of the same and the way this new Diablo game is shaping up its still going to be a top down hack and slash with nothing new to bring to the table. You want an example of new and innovative games that are driving this industry check out what Nintendo has done with the Wii and the DS. Check out games like Mirrors Edge, or the Tom Clancy’s End War, where the battle field is controlled with your voice. Its these games that are providing for our future, as for Blizzard they are just money sucking leeches.


To see the Trailer for Diablo 3 –


45 PC Games to Play – Release Dates

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Well, the number games that will be released in the year or so will be heavy-duty to say the least, personally I feel that these are the games to watch out for. Can I play them all? No. Will I try? Absolutely! Most of the release dates are tentative, and are subject to change. The ones that are TBA are to be annouced and should come early 2009. Which ones are you looking forward to playing? (add a comment to the post below)

Turok 04/17/08
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures 05/20/08
Mass Effect 05/30/08
Devil May Cry 4 06/02/08
Race Driver Grid 06/03/08
Brothers in Arms 06/05/08
Alone in the Dark 06/26/08
Heist 07/01/08
Space Siege 08/05/08
Highlander 08/07/08
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames 08/17/08
Saints Row 2 08/28/08
Tom Clancy’s End War 09/02/08
Storm of War: Battle of Britain 09/02/08
Borderlands 09/03/08
Shell Shock 2: Blood Trails 09/03/08
Far Cry 2 09/04/08
Tiberium 09/04/08
Spore 09/07/08
Legendary 09/09/08
Hawx 09/09/08
Prototype 09/18/08
Just Cause 2 09/18/08
Splinter Cell: Conviction 10/02/08
Project Origin 10/03/08
Fallout 3 10/07/08
Aliens Colonial Marines 10/09/08
Left 4 Dead 10/14/08
Dead Space 10/29/08
WOW: Wrath of the Lich King 11/03/08
Tomb Raider: Underworld 11/05/08
Rogue Warrior 11/10/08
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 11/11/08
Empire Total War 11/11/08
Huxley 11/25/08
Starcraft II 12/03/08
Stalker: Clear Sky TBA
The Crossing TBA
Alan Wake TBA
Interstellar Marines TBA
Project Offset TBA
Theseis TBA
Sims 3 TBA
Mirrors Edge TBA
They TBA
That pretty much sums up the games for the next year, and those are the only ones that we know about. Happy PC gaming! Or happy console gaming, whatever your ‘thing’ is!