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The Gravy on your Mashed Potatos – Bioshock 2

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Today is a very good day for anyone into well made Computer games. Bioshock 2 Trailer was released today on the Game Trailers website. Called Sea of Dreams, what can be told from the video, the little girl has grown up a few years… early teens perhaps. From the looks of the title banner water will be a major feature in the second game as it did in the first.

Tid-bit Fact: Bioshock hired two game designers/programmers for two years to work on nothing but the water effects for the game. That is dedication!

If Bioshock 2 is anything like the first we are going to have an editors choice from big names like PC Gamer Magazine and Gamespot as well as (enter game any reviewer here). But you already knew that didn’t you? ūüôā

Game Trailer:


Alone in the Dark: Central Park – Will they get it Right?

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I remember that old game –¬†Alone in the Dark! I played this one way back in 1994 on my cousins old 486. It was a fantastic game, I still remember the wolf like creature that attacked in the attic and the sense of fear that was¬†instilled in me. It was one of the first ever 3d horror games made and was the start to franchise with great¬†potential. The game is a thinking game, using your head and the world around you to stay alive and work your way through the story. Unfortunately the second and third games were not very well received by the gaming community. It’s been 15 years since the release of the¬†first game, and Eden Games along with Atari are set to release their new upcoming game Alone in the Dark: Central Park for June 26, 2008.

The First Alone in the Dark Game

According to the developers the game is just in its polishing up stage, getting ready for the big release. From the numerous number of videos being released all over the Internet, it looks like they might just get it right this time. The world is much like a sandbox game, the number of different ways that you could kill creatures in the game number in the hundreds. They claim there will be over 30 weapons available to players in the game, and the way you use them will be up to you. The biggest tech-feature of the game will be fire. Fire is dynamic and propagates as you would expect it too. Items caught in flame will eventually burn away to nothing but ash. Atari claims that fire will be your primary method of killing off the creatures in the game.

The story will pick up nearly 80 years later in central park New York with Edward Carnby waking up to the hell that has consumed central park. So far the storyline is looking very epic, much on par with the the movie Cloverfield with city wide destruction and survival horror alike.

Expect nothing but the best from this game, as usual the PC will be the best platform for play even though it will release on 360 and the Wii, and later on the PS3. Check out the videos below.

  Tech Demo

  Fire Tech Demo