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The Gravy on your Mashed Potatos – Bioshock 2

Posted in PC Games with tags , , , , , , , on October 23, 2008 by insignificantgamer

Today is a very good day for anyone into well made Computer games. Bioshock 2 Trailer was released today on the Game Trailers website. Called Sea of Dreams, what can be told from the video, the little girl has grown up a few years… early teens perhaps. From the looks of the title banner water will be a major feature in the second game as it did in the first.

Tid-bit Fact: Bioshock hired two game designers/programmers for two years to work on nothing but the water effects for the game. That is dedication!

If Bioshock 2 is anything like the first we are going to have an editors choice from big names like PC Gamer Magazine and Gamespot as well as (enter game any reviewer here). But you already knew that didn’t you? 🙂

Game Trailer: