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The Gravy on your Mashed Potatos – Bioshock 2

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Today is a very good day for anyone into well made Computer games. Bioshock 2 Trailer was released today on the Game Trailers website. Called Sea of Dreams, what can be told from the video, the little girl has grown up a few years… early teens perhaps. From the looks of the title banner water will be a major feature in the second game as it did in the first.

Tid-bit Fact: Bioshock hired two game designers/programmers for two years to work on nothing but the water effects for the game. That is dedication!

If Bioshock 2 is anything like the first we are going to have an editors choice from big names like PC Gamer Magazine and Gamespot as well as (enter game any reviewer here). But you already knew that didn’t you? ūüôā

Game Trailer:


The Gothic Franchise Makeover

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To those who played Gothic 3 or any of the earlier Gothic games (those of which are few and far between), know that Gothic is a RPG with the potential of games such as Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Unfortunately their latest release Gothic 3 was so plagued with errors and poor programming that the game was never given a chance to shine.

Here however is the deal: The developer has been changed from Piranha Bytes, to Spellbound Entertainment, and the game is being called Arcania: A Gothic Tale. This was needed to facilitate a change in the way the franchise was going, which was the way of the dodo bird.

Work has already started on the game and from Gamespots preview of it, it is looking like the beginnings of a stellar game.¬†I’d think that the majority of the players of the third Gothic game felt that there was a lack of magic¬†as well as¬†a lack of weapons and armor to customize your character.¬†The¬†developer wants to¬†include a more magic¬†aspect to the¬†game and we¬†can expect that to be the case. As with the magic aspect, the increased amount of armor and weapons will make for a better game.

I’m currently hoping the game will include an in depth combat system to go along with the pretty graphics they currently have. I think the ideal combat system would include location style attack, where your mouse movements dictate what part of the body hit when you swing.¬†

The game is still early in development, and is slated for a 2009 release date. Also be sure to check for an expansion pack for the Gothic 3 game, coming soon, which should bridge the story gap between Gothic 3 and Arcania. For a more in depth preview check out the GameSpot link below


Old News – Assassins Creed PC

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So it is old news but Assassins Creed is out! For PC of course, as of April 10th. And its about damn time too, it was supposed to be out in February.

The deal is that it is a good game, just as the Xbox version was, unfortunately the game¬†was poorly¬†ported to the PC.¬†If your monitor is not wide screen, your not¬†going to be happy with it as it letterboxes the¬†game on your¬†screen. With 2 months worth of delays you’d think they would have¬†figured out a way to give it an option for a 4:3 aspect ratio… nope, were out of luck. A Number of people are complaining that the controls for the game were not up to par, while fighting in large groups of people can be difficult¬†using the mouse and keyboard, otherwise the rest of the¬†game plays very well.

As for the game as a whole PS3 and Xbox versions included, its quite linear and yes it is very repetitive. You first start out by riding to the city where the assassination will happen, then interrogate, pick pocket, talk to your handler, assassinate, and¬†repeat… nine times in fact. But since it is a major blockbuster poor game play is overlooked. Oh well.

If you had been really looking forword to playing this game and haven’t picked up a console version of it then do so, the free running is fun and you’ll love the dramatic scenes when you counter an attack.

PS: Pay attention to the Easter eggs when the character controlling Altier goes to sleep, it will quickly flash a reference to certain bible passages that build on the plot.

For a offical review check out gamespot’s at:;reviews