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Alone in the Dark – Did they get it right? – Not Quite

Posted in PC Games with tags , , , , , , on July 7, 2008 by insignificantgamer

Well, I have been playing the new Alone in the Dark game that came out a little more then a week ago. First off the plot line is very well developed and includes many tense moments and gets 5 stars from me. The thing that has got me in a rough is how the game play is executed. This game plays a lot like the original Alone in the Dark, which is a bad thing. It has been well over a decade and they are still using an inferior playing style, and at many points it can be downright frustrating. But Eden games realized this and put in a first person mode. (If I had my choice I’d play the entire game in first person) the bad news is the game will switch you out of first person mode without your consent which was enough for me to slam my keyboard a few times! (I don’t condone keyboard abuse or will be held responsible for what you may do to your computer if you play this game.) To add to the annoyances often you will get stuck in your inventory screen, which causes you to start over from your last save or restart the entire events sequence. (2nd Keyboard broken)

Complaining aside, the things that I can think about this game that are good, include a good storyline, an original soundtrack and the most cinematic experience I have seen yet in a game. You will likely be happy to know that if you get stuck on one part in the game, you are able to fast forward the game to the next series of events, which can be very helpful at times. (keyboard is safe for now). If you have been looking forward to playing this game go ahead and get it. If your not sure if you should get this one, go to your local Blockbuster movie store and rent the game on your PS3 or 360 (in truth this game is probably better played on a console.)

And that readers, is my Insignificant opinion.


Alone in the Dark: Central Park – Will they get it Right?

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I remember that old game – Alone in the Dark! I played this one way back in 1994 on my cousins old 486. It was a fantastic game, I still remember the wolf like creature that attacked in the attic and the sense of fear that was instilled in me. It was one of the first ever 3d horror games made and was the start to franchise with great potential. The game is a thinking game, using your head and the world around you to stay alive and work your way through the story. Unfortunately the second and third games were not very well received by the gaming community. It’s been 15 years since the release of the first game, and Eden Games along with Atari are set to release their new upcoming game Alone in the Dark: Central Park for June 26, 2008.

The First Alone in the Dark Game

According to the developers the game is just in its polishing up stage, getting ready for the big release. From the numerous number of videos being released all over the Internet, it looks like they might just get it right this time. The world is much like a sandbox game, the number of different ways that you could kill creatures in the game number in the hundreds. They claim there will be over 30 weapons available to players in the game, and the way you use them will be up to you. The biggest tech-feature of the game will be fire. Fire is dynamic and propagates as you would expect it too. Items caught in flame will eventually burn away to nothing but ash. Atari claims that fire will be your primary method of killing off the creatures in the game.

The story will pick up nearly 80 years later in central park New York with Edward Carnby waking up to the hell that has consumed central park. So far the storyline is looking very epic, much on par with the the movie Cloverfield with city wide destruction and survival horror alike.

Expect nothing but the best from this game, as usual the PC will be the best platform for play even though it will release on 360 and the Wii, and later on the PS3. Check out the videos below.

  Tech Demo

  Fire Tech Demo