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Truely Scary *#&@ – F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

Posted in Other Games, PC Games on March 2, 2009 by insignificantgamer

As a life – long PC Gamer I have played many “Scary” games, but nothing rivals the F.E.A.R franchise. The sense of timing combined with a downright creepy atmosphere allows this game to really make you think twice about going through that dark room (the school in particular). F.E.A.R. follows up the original very successfully delivering everything you have come to expect from Monolith, intense action, deep story and of coarse Alma.

The storyline is told out through short cut scene sequences but a lot of the back story and many of the details are delivered through pieces of in-tel collected throughout the game. If you are not taking your time going through the game and exploring through the nooks and crannies you will miss out on many of the important details. Graphics are superb, and environments are partially destructible when they need to be; backed up by the Havok physics engine allows the game to feel quite realistic.

In the PC version of this game your going to notice that the game stutters when saving which can pull away from the immersiveness of the game. There are a few issues with the volume levels of the game particularly the voice to the ambient sounds of the environment, I found myself going back a few times to listen closer to what was being said. Depending on your skill level in shooters, you might find that the gameplay is rather easy with few tense give it everything you got fight sequences, a lot of people are going to want to turn up the difficulty to hard to get a really thrilling experience from the game. While the game fails to innovate in any way shape or form you would be doing yourself an injustice in not playing F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, if not on the PC, at least on the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360. And please: don’t forget to turn out the lights and crank the volume knob to the right!




Scare Your Pants Off!! Survival Horror – Dead Space

Posted in Other Games, PC Games with tags , , , , , on June 11, 2008 by insignificantgamer

Well, the survival horror genre is the latest craze. There is Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, Fear, Project Origin. But the latest one to come to the PC around Halloween (go figure) is Dead Space, and its looking crazy creepy and they are promising nothing less.

Check out this Trailer:

One Spectacular Space RPG – Mass Effect PC

Posted in Other Games, PC Games with tags , , , , , on June 1, 2008 by insignificantgamer

Well after the months of waiting for Mass Effect to come to the PC, it finally has! Mass Effect was in stores on May 29th and within 5 minutes of it hitting my local Eb Games, I had it in my sweaty little palms. I have had the chance to play around 20 hours of it so far and it is spectacular! This title is every geek and nerds dream who ever wanted to command his own star ship and live in the life of a Trek type universe.

There has been several different changes from the original title that came out on consoles a number of months back. First since this is the computer version of the game we PC gamers have access to a keyboard with well over a hundred keys, and so all your tech and biotic powers are mapped to hotkeys 1 thru 0 and can be set by the user. This has created a more fluid combat experience for the player, as he does not need to pause the game each time he wants to use a new ability. The other differences from the original game on the console is how the Mako is controlled, the movement is bound to your WASD directional keys while your mouse is used for shooting as opposed to the mouse being used for steering. This allows you to better be able to avoid damage from slow shooting weapons, by making it easier to dodge and fire the main guns. Also if you pick up the game on PC you will also get access to the extra content (Titled: Bringing down the sky) available online for free, where as your console buddies will be paying for it. As of this post it is not yet available, but should be shortly.

On the downsides of this game (the few there are), you will notice that your elevator rides are slightly longer (the elevator serves a loading screen for the game). Also the short loading pauses in the game are more frequent.

If you haven’t played this game on the consoles yet, and enjoy a excellent RPG this would be one to pick up. The game has picked up several editors choices from around the Internet. Also remember that Mass Effect will be a franchise, so expect a sequel to come in a few years, and it is a good story to experience the beginning to. Enjoy! I’m off to go for another 10 hour playing session of this one!    

Your arch enemy and his minions

45 PC Games to Play – Release Dates

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Well, the number games that will be released in the year or so will be heavy-duty to say the least, personally I feel that these are the games to watch out for. Can I play them all? No. Will I try? Absolutely! Most of the release dates are tentative, and are subject to change. The ones that are TBA are to be annouced and should come early 2009. Which ones are you looking forward to playing? (add a comment to the post below)

Turok 04/17/08
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures 05/20/08
Mass Effect 05/30/08
Devil May Cry 4 06/02/08
Race Driver Grid 06/03/08
Brothers in Arms 06/05/08
Alone in the Dark 06/26/08
Heist 07/01/08
Space Siege 08/05/08
Highlander 08/07/08
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames 08/17/08
Saints Row 2 08/28/08
Tom Clancy’s End War 09/02/08
Storm of War: Battle of Britain 09/02/08
Borderlands 09/03/08
Shell Shock 2: Blood Trails 09/03/08
Far Cry 2 09/04/08
Tiberium 09/04/08
Spore 09/07/08
Legendary 09/09/08
Hawx 09/09/08
Prototype 09/18/08
Just Cause 2 09/18/08
Splinter Cell: Conviction 10/02/08
Project Origin 10/03/08
Fallout 3 10/07/08
Aliens Colonial Marines 10/09/08
Left 4 Dead 10/14/08
Dead Space 10/29/08
WOW: Wrath of the Lich King 11/03/08
Tomb Raider: Underworld 11/05/08
Rogue Warrior 11/10/08
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 11/11/08
Empire Total War 11/11/08
Huxley 11/25/08
Starcraft II 12/03/08
Stalker: Clear Sky TBA
The Crossing TBA
Alan Wake TBA
Interstellar Marines TBA
Project Offset TBA
Theseis TBA
Sims 3 TBA
Mirrors Edge TBA
They TBA
That pretty much sums up the games for the next year, and those are the only ones that we know about. Happy PC gaming! Or happy console gaming, whatever your ‘thing’ is! 

Alone in the Dark: Central Park – Will they get it Right?

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I remember that old game – Alone in the Dark! I played this one way back in 1994 on my cousins old 486. It was a fantastic game, I still remember the wolf like creature that attacked in the attic and the sense of fear that was instilled in me. It was one of the first ever 3d horror games made and was the start to franchise with great potential. The game is a thinking game, using your head and the world around you to stay alive and work your way through the story. Unfortunately the second and third games were not very well received by the gaming community. It’s been 15 years since the release of the first game, and Eden Games along with Atari are set to release their new upcoming game Alone in the Dark: Central Park for June 26, 2008.

The First Alone in the Dark Game

According to the developers the game is just in its polishing up stage, getting ready for the big release. From the numerous number of videos being released all over the Internet, it looks like they might just get it right this time. The world is much like a sandbox game, the number of different ways that you could kill creatures in the game number in the hundreds. They claim there will be over 30 weapons available to players in the game, and the way you use them will be up to you. The biggest tech-feature of the game will be fire. Fire is dynamic and propagates as you would expect it too. Items caught in flame will eventually burn away to nothing but ash. Atari claims that fire will be your primary method of killing off the creatures in the game.

The story will pick up nearly 80 years later in central park New York with Edward Carnby waking up to the hell that has consumed central park. So far the storyline is looking very epic, much on par with the the movie Cloverfield with city wide destruction and survival horror alike.

Expect nothing but the best from this game, as usual the PC will be the best platform for play even though it will release on 360 and the Wii, and later on the PS3. Check out the videos below.

  Tech Demo

  Fire Tech Demo


Old News – Assassins Creed PC

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So it is old news but Assassins Creed is out! For PC of course, as of April 10th. And its about damn time too, it was supposed to be out in February.

The deal is that it is a good game, just as the Xbox version was, unfortunately the game was poorly ported to the PC. If your monitor is not wide screen, your not going to be happy with it as it letterboxes the game on your screen. With 2 months worth of delays you’d think they would have figured out a way to give it an option for a 4:3 aspect ratio… nope, were out of luck. A Number of people are complaining that the controls for the game were not up to par, while fighting in large groups of people can be difficult using the mouse and keyboard, otherwise the rest of the game plays very well.

As for the game as a whole PS3 and Xbox versions included, its quite linear and yes it is very repetitive. You first start out by riding to the city where the assassination will happen, then interrogate, pick pocket, talk to your handler, assassinate, and repeat… nine times in fact. But since it is a major blockbuster poor game play is overlooked. Oh well.

If you had been really looking forword to playing this game and haven’t picked up a console version of it then do so, the free running is fun and you’ll love the dramatic scenes when you counter an attack.

PS: Pay attention to the Easter eggs when the character controlling Altier goes to sleep, it will quickly flash a reference to certain bible passages that build on the plot.

For a offical review check out gamespot’s at:;reviews