Nvidia in 3D – Bleeding Edge CES Technology – Day 1

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is well known for interesting and new technologies that hit the market and Nvidia’s technology in 3D is no exception. I stumbled upon Nvidia’s booth at CES and this technology is nothing short of amazing.

When you first look at the screen you see a blurred image of the game your playing, but put on the 3D glasses and your immersion factor skyrockets . This technology is personal, nobody without the USB connected glasses will see what you do. These glasses look like the sporty version of Oakley sunglasses and will cost you just as much – $199 in fact. When you put them on the game your playing miraculously changes into a three dimensional image, perfect down to the pixel. The real magic of this technology is the fact that it works with HUNDREDS of games, and ones that you already own!

Nvidia's 3D Glasses


These glasses are able to be bought from the Nvidia website: http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_GeForce_3D_VisionBundle_us.html

I have always been an advocate for the technology behind Nvidia and its GPUs as compaired to ATI and this has just solidified that belief.


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